OUR STORY was a family business founded by two vegans — a husband and a wife — who were keen on quality products, and who wanted to live a healthier life. And since there was not much option to chose from, one day they decided to launch an online vegan shop of their own, focusing on high quality, healthy and vegan friendly products. The shop had immediate success, because the demand for such products was very high in Estonia. grew from a small startup to a significant online vegan shop in Estonia serving domestic and international customers on a daily basis.


Our shop is 100% vegan. This means that any product you will find at our shop is vegan - no dairy, no meat, no fish.

Our main thing is we source products that are free of chemicals or preservatives that can cause health issues. We strongly believe, if a product is vegan by all means it should be healthy.

In addition to that we offer free Tallinn shipping. And if you are travelling (and staying in Tallinn), you can choose 'Cash on Delivery' option and get your goods delivered for free as well.


There is an old saying stating you are what you eat. And since our wellbeing is directly related to what we are consuming on a daily basis, our mission became very clear — to provide our customers with healthy vegan products.


We see ourselves as becoming a "go to" online shop for all vegans and vegetarians from Estonia and nearby countries.


We are quite peaky with who we are working with, because we want our customers to have only the best products that will benefit their health and improve conditions of their lives.

Here are some steps that we are following when choosing our suppliers:

  • The product must be vegan
  • Aim to source products that are chemical free, non-gmo, do not contain any fragrancies, synthetic/artificial dyes and are safe to consume.
  • Feature brands and products that have been approved by various health organisations and institutions, and are providing full transparency disclosing all ingredients.
  • Products must not be tested on animals.
  • Seek suppliers who are keen on philanthropy.
  • Aim for the best price-to-quality value for our customers.
  • Supplier must share same values and should have high quality and production standards.


    We believe that it is human obligation to support and aid those who are in need, therefore we are donating 1% of our Net profit to various foundations and non-profit organisations.

    Faithfully yours,
    Arseni & Elena

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